First Touch Football Classes for 3  to 5 years old

Formerly known as Little Gems, these structured sessions provide fun games that allow parents to have some quality time with their Little Gems, safe in the knowledge that they are helping to develop their skills of agility, balance, coordination and speed (ABC’S).

This unique approach ensures that parents and children are learning to build the foundation of a healthy lifestyle and are beginning a lifelong relationship with sport and physical activity.

Each session is conducted by a fully qualified and trained football coach who not only coaches the children in FUNdamentals of movement but also coaches the parents in their role in developing their children's ABC'S.

The classes are structured in such a way that parents are able to take away short activities that they can play with their children at home, in the garden or even in the living room and in fact practice is actively encouraged thereby promoting physical activity throughout the week and encouraging structured play with parents and their children.

This type of activity with pre school and reception children forms a vital part of their development and lays the foundation upon which all later learning depends.

If you need more information, please contact us using the details on our contact page, or alternatively our numbers, email and easy course information form are to the right.

At all our classes we guarantee 43 sessions per year starting September (academic year) to the following August but normally we end up delivering 46 sessions. Some months you will have 5 sessions others may have less, but the fee for the month is either £16/£18 (depending on the class)Over the year this evens its self-out to ensure that the session cost it is £5.

Classes are on Saturday Mornings at:

St. Wilfred's School Standish at 10 & 11 am - Location

Booking is essential:

By calling 07745 286486
By email at
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