Fit for Play

21st October 2016

"I recently had the great pleasure of observing the new after-school activity at my 4yr old granddaughter Katie's primary school Orrell Holgate.

Katie had come home poorly that day, but insisted she was well enough to go back for the new activity she had recently joined.  I took her back and in doing so I then had the great pleasure of sitting in and watching her and her friends enjoy a fantastic hour - 'Fit for Play' run by Skillwise Sports.

The session was taken by a young man, who first of all impressed me with the lovely manner he had as he gathered the children together.  He then held their attention throughout with his encouragement and creativity and that was remarkable as these were only 4 and 5 year olds.

The activity involved ball skills this week, and the clever way this was structured to suit these reception children and to make it fun was fascinating.  Top marks to the designer of the session plan!  But more so - top marks for finding such a brilliant coach!  I believe his name was Ike and I can truly say he was a real credit to Skillwise!  Well done Ike!  I came home singing your praises.  Thankyou!

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